Device Networking Services

Communication software for real world use cases – optimized and accelerated.

An increasing number of embedded and IoT devices, irrespective of their size and complexity, are now getting inter-connected. This is driving device companies to add capabilities to their device designs to communicate using internet-protocols and others.

Neominds, with more than a decade of experience with networking protocols and connectivity firmware, offers services to realize standards-compliant communication software optimized and accelerated to real-world use cases. 

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Protocol software for
embedded devices 

IP Protocols

TCP/IP    IPv6    Switching    Routing    SDN    DPI    Packet accelerators

IP based protocol stack implementations are being re-engineered to include separated slow path and  fast path, efficient look up routines, flow caching, hardware assisted packet processing and multi-core based packet processing.
Developing or adapting protocol stack software to new environments need thorough understanding of product specific use cases, constraints and expectations combined with hands-on implementation experience.
Our protocol stack service offerings are built on years of experience with building protocol software for world-class network devices. Our track record include protocol stack design, development, support, and adaptation for hardware assisted packet processing in the areas of link layer, IP, application layers, and security protocols.

Industrial Network Protocols

Ethernet/IP    TSN    PROFINET    EtherCAT    ODVA conformance tests    Industrial IoT

Protocols in the industrial network connect industrial devices. The emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and new ways of device connectivity based on Wireless/IP/Ethernet are changing the Industrial protocols and automation landscape.

Neominds offers protocol stack development, adaptation, and conformance test services in Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT, and TSN family of protocols.

Smart Grid protocols

IEEE 2030.5    OpenADR    CSIP

Energy distribution systems are undergoing a significant makeover by transition to smart grid and related technologies. This is enabling consumers to make best use of renewable sources, achieve better demand response, and reduce outage and cost eventually.  

Neominds has good experience developing protocol software for devices in the grid in the areas of IEEE 2030.5 and OpenADR. 

    Protocol Testing, validation,

    Protocols testing and automation

    Security assurance    Conformance    Simulation    Automation

    As more and more devices get connected, communication protocol software is growing in complexity and size.  Protocol testing is more important than ever to address these challenges. Flawless test execution, maximum coverage, and high level of automation are the key factors to ensure effective protocol testing. 

    Neominds has experience developing and executing fine-crafted test suites for many of its customers for various protocol implementations. Neominds also offers specialized protocols test services such as state machine validation, fuzz testing, automated negative testing, and compliance/certification testing. 

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