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Conceptualize and implement the most suitable security solution to protect your embedded device, and data

As information security threats intensify, embedded and IoT devices are more vulnerable than ever. Any serious approach to security for an embedded device must not be an afterthought and should provide protection to the device software, data at rest and data in transit.

Security consulting services offered by Neominds is based on more than two decades of security track record working with well-known device developers across the world. Neominds takes a holistic approach to provide full lifecycle security of embedded and IoT devices right from concept to deployment. We can conceptualize, evaluate, and implement the most suitable security approach to protect your embedded device and data.

Device Security can never be an afterthought

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Security consulting services

Device security consulting – embedded and IoT devices

Embedded device design often involves difficult architecture and design trade-offs and security is an important consideration. The right security approach to this trade-off must be a precise balance of security strength, performance, footprint, cost, ease of use and many others. 

Neominds, powered by decades of experience crafting security for constrained devices, offers full-cycle security advice to your product idea from concept to deployment.

Manufacturing security

Embedded/IoT device manufacturing, if using an unsecure process can result in unauthorized or malicious code getting into device or production of excess units for sale in black markets. Effective protection against these threats would require the device to have all necessary security mechanisms built into it right from the architecture/design stage. 

Neominds offers solutions that implement security mechanisms using technologies like PKI and digital certificates to have complete control on number of units produced and firmware that gets flashed into each unit. Our offerings also provide mechanisms to bind deployed devices only to a particular manufacturer or operator.  

Security software development 
Firmware development
Secure boot    PKI authentication    Crypto offload    Secure element    TPM    TEE

Security firmware development for embedded and IoT devices require considerable care and effort to ensure sufficient protection for code and data yet meeting performance expectations.   

Neominds security firmware development offerings include design and implementation of secure boot, root of trust, code signing, device authentication, secure firmware updates, storage encryption, security protocols and crypto accelerator drivers. 

Protocols development

TLS    DTLS    SSL    IKE    IPSec    SSH    WPA    Proprietary

Modern security protocol stack implementations, apart from meeting basic requirements of portability, reliability and conformance to standards and specifications,  must additionally provide protection from exploits and must be validated for their actual security strength.

Besides, given the fact that security algorithms consume fairly large CPU cycles, it is critical for implementations to co-work with hardware accelerators and SoCs to meet increasing performance expectations. 

Neominds has executed several projects on network layer security as well as socket and application layer security including IKE, IPSec, SSL/TLS, DTLS, SSH, RADIUS, WPA, EAP, 802.1x and proprietary security protocols. Our services, tailored and optimized to address specific challenges of security software help our customers focus more on product differentiation and achieve reduced time to market and NRE cost. 

      Security assurance services 

      Security certification support

      Firmware adaptation    Test vector development    Automation

      Security certification is a mandatory and important requirement for safety-mission-critical and military embedded systems. Neominds has experience providing consulting and execution assistance for compliance with regulatory and government security requirements including FIPS 140-3.

      Software Security  Audit

      Threat assessment    Security review for design and code    Static testing    Threat mitigation

      Many a times, software project execution trades-off security concerns against time to market constraints. Few other times, security is just an afterthought. In all these cases, end-result is a device software with inherent security flaws in design and implementation. These security threats open doors to most of the exploits resulting in severe damages to the customer’s product and business.

      Neominds brings in excellent expertise and unique services to review and validate your device software design and implementation against potential security vulnerabilities and flaws. Our experienced engineering team can examine the software from white box and black box methodologies. Our offerings include design security review, static testing, manual code review, vulnerability assessment, and validation of remedy measures.

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