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Embedded device companies globally face the challenge of highly differentiated products within severe time and cost constraints. One important building block to realize this is a solid platform software that is reliable, best-fit and well-maintained.

Device Platform Services offered by Neominds takes care of full-lifecycle requirements for platform software engineering thus enabling device developers to focus more on product differentiation. Platform services are carefully crafted to realize a device software that is best-fit, reliable, and performing throughout the device lifecycle.

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Embedded software

Board bring up   Embedded OS   BSP   Device drivers   Hardware offloading    Multi-core

Adapting operating system or bare-metal software to a custom platform requires careful consideration of hardware capabilities, performance, security, and resource optimization among others. Achieving best-fit to the customer hardware platform requires thorough understanding of power, storage, network, and mobility requirements of the end-product. Modern embedded systems software also need to adapt to special purpose ASICs and application specific acceleration engines such as AI, deep-learning and multimedia.

Embedded software services offered by Neominds covers a wide spectrum of embedded operating systems, processor architectures and application accelerator hardware.

Neominds offers embedded software services in

  • Bare-metal embedded software development
  • Board Support Package for embedded OS and boot loaders
  • Device Driver development
  • Adapting embedded software for hardware acceleration and offloading
  • Optimizing embedded software for size, performance, multi-core.
Embedded software

CVE applicability   Code security   Certification   CVE patches validation    Source code audit

As modern embedded devices evolve, embedded software is growing into large and complex code base owing to inclusion of open-source and third-party software be it embedded OS, middleware, application frameworks or libraries. This is causing increased cyber-attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the embedded code. Effectively defending these exploits require continuous identification and mitigation of CVEs.

Neominds, combined with its deep expertise in embedded software and security, offers services that proactively identify CVEs, check applicability, assess impact to the end product, apply and validate fixes through product development and maintenance phases.

Solution Consulting

Year 2038 problem   Identify impact   Mitigation   Validation   Code review

Year 2038 problem

Many of the embedded systems are constrained by its inability to handle date values beyond 2038 correctly owing to a scheme of storing date value as seconds offset from 1900 in a 32-bit integer variable. This problem can potentially impact and handicap functions of many operating system kernels, middleware libraries and applications. 

Neominds has hands-on experience providing solution to the 2038 problem to some of the well-known device companies. Our specialized services to address year 2038 problem include software audit and impact assessment, solution proposition, implementation, and validation. 

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