Protocols & System Softwares

L2/L3 Protocol design, Implementation & optimization

Protocol stack implementations are being re-engineered to include separated slow path and  fast path, efficient look up routines, flow caching, hardware assisted packet processing and multi-core based packet processing.
Adapting protocol stack software to new environments need thorough understanding of product specific use cases, constraints and expectations combined with hands-on implementation experience.
Our protocol stack service offerings are built on years of experience with building protocol software for world-class network devices. We provide protocol design/development, enhancement/maintenance and adapting/optimizing for hardware assisted packet processing.

IPv6 migration & certification

Legacy ipv4 applications and network layer stack requires re-engineering and validation to transform to fully-functional, interoperable IPv6 device software.
Neominds offers support for application migration, Ipv4 stack to dual-stack migration, interoperability, conformance and validation services and IPv6 logo testing services (phase1 and Phase 2).

System software for handheld devices

Adapting system software to handheld environment requires considerable care and effort in terms of scaling down, optimizing for specific target hardware, adapting for power consumption and mobility requirements and addressing software security concerns.
Our services for handheld devices include porting, adaptation and optimization of device and network software and re-engineering system-software for enhanced security.
Our dedicated engineering team, “Android competency center” offers android specific services on system and board-specific software.

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