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Enterprise Firewalls –
Firewall technology has evolved significantly in response to increasing threats of internet security. Additional capability needed in firewall like devices to effectively defend threats requires software to perform much deeper packet inspection and traffic pattern analysis. Neominds engineering team has hand-on expertise on implementing and maintaining cutting-edge features of next-generation firewalls for various market segments.
Our service offerings are specially crafted to address key challenges of enterprise firewalls and backed up by our In-depth expertise working with various features of traditional and next generation firewalls such as SPI, ACL, ALGs, NAT, application aware filtering and anomaly based attack identification and defense.
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Unified Threat Management
UTM combines multiple security functions at the periphery of enterprise network into a single device. UTM software development needs to address engineering challenges of meeting performance and scalability expectations while reducing NRE and appliance cost.  Careful implementation is needed to ensure optimized software processing of traffic at the same time utilizing various hardware capabilities such as accelerators and multi-core CPUs.
Neominds UTM expertise spans across design, development, maintenance and validation of various software components of UTM including Anti-virus/Anti-spam, IDS/IPS and IPSec/VPN.

Wireless LAN Security
Pervasive nature of wireless networks makes threat defense much more challenging than wired networks. Several of security issues are unique to the wireless world. Rogue access points, wireless phishing attacks, “behind the firewall” access to internal network, insider bypassing enterprise filters are few of them. Building security software solutions for WLAN devices requires implementing wireless specific threat defense and a vulnerability-free, reliable  code-base.
Our engineering expertise is of co-creating most comprehensive wireless edge security software including WLAN firewall, authorization, WPA, WPA2 encryption, RADIUS, EAP, 802.1x, rogue AP detection and Network access protection.

Security protocols design and development
Security protocol implementations need not just conformance to standards/specifications but also protection from protocol vulnerability based exploits besides being portable and reliable. Given the fact that security algorithms consume fairly large CPU cycles, it is critical for implementations to co-work with hardware accelerators and SoCs to meet increasing performance expectations.
Neominds has executed a number of projects on network layer security as well as socket and application layer security including IKEv2, IPSec, SSL/TLS, SSH, RADIUS, WPA, EAP, 802.1x and NAP/NEA. Our services, tailored to address specific challenges of security software help our customers focus more on product differentiation and achieve reduced time to market and NRE cost.

Software security audit
Most of times, software project execution trades-off software security concerns against time to market constraints. However, the security threats inherent in most of the software solutions opens doors to most of the hackers and results in severe damages to the customer’s business.
 Neominds brings in excellent expertise and unique service of inspecting your solution or product software against security vulnerabilities and flaws. Our team of experienced engineers and hackers together examine the software from white box and black box perspectives. Our offering includes static testing, manual review and vulnerability assessment.

Security software for handheld devices
Fast–paced transition of standalone embedded devices to internet connected devices is exposing the device to increased security risks. Security software for embedded devices introduces newer challenges of building implementations with acceptable performance levels within resource constraints.  Devices with mobility support brings in additional challenges of performing security operations (like re-authentication during handover) in shortest time to ensure that latency-critical applications (like VOIP) are still being able to meet QoE requirements.

Neominds engineering team brings in specialized expertise on developing security solutions for embedded and mobile devices with wireless and/or wired connectivity.

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