Multi-core Software Services

Migrating network software to multi-core     

Migrating legacy applications to a multi-core environment is inevitable considering growing demand for software performance and scalability. However, engineering the migration requires a paradigm change in developer from sequential thinking to parallel thinking combined with sound knowledge of multi-core specific issues such as affinity management, inter-core synchronization and cache utilization.
Neominds offers a complete migration support to applications and network stack software including parallelism analysis, re-factoring, bottleneck identification and performance optimization.

Multi-core adaptation & optimization consulting

Adapting software to multi-core requires careful assessment of parallelization possible and trade-offs to synchronization, resource sharing and inter-core communication overheads.  In-depth and effective pre-implementation analysis of software using profiling tools and manual methods is a must to arrive at estimated gain from a proposed migration or optimization.
Multi-core optimization services from Neominds include profiling, re-engineering, validation and optimization of system software as well as applications. Consulting services from Neominds helps customers to take go-no-go decisions on migrating applications quite early stage and with minimal cost of pre-implementation analysis..

Multi-core based system software & solutions

As more and more products are migrating to multi-core, associated embedded software including boot-code and operating systems needs to adapt to multi-core environment. Network device software developers needs to address challenges of adapting device drivers  to partition traffic to CPU cores, classification of traffic, sharing packet buffers, reorder issues and resource allocation at boot-time or run-time. In hypervisor-like environments, additional tasks adapting network software to work with virtual interfaces and virtual machines.
Neominds multi-core expertise includes control-path/data-path adaptation to multi-core, multi-core with hardware accelerators and network device software with hypervisors. 

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